Shawowboxing Cover

Shadowboxing – a new, stand alone novel, about a washed up boxer who gets a second chance at life.

Jake Ross has dreams of breaking back into a boxing career. One night, after a promising match, he is drawn into an unseen world where the Fates transform him, unwillingly, into a tool for Their works, guided by a mysterious man named Mac.Vanessa Rain, a stripper at a nearby club, has been running most of her life, hiding and making do so as to protect the only person she loves–her son–from forces that threaten to steal him away from her. Gareth is a pawn but is much more than his mother ever dreamed. It is he that dark forces conspire to capture and turn towards their destructive aspirations.The Fates lead Jake and Vanessa into a chance encounter with one purpose–to save Gareth. But are they too late?

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