Short Stories

I’ve always loved short stories, both reading them and writing them. With my own, it allows me to explore a topic, or maybe just a character, without committing to writing a whole novel and I find a lot of satisfaction in them.

My short stories span several genres: literary fiction, high fantasy, horror and sometimes a little comedy. I often take experiences that I’ve had personally, or in my work life, and turn them into stories. It often helps me process things that I’ve seen or done, and helps me feel better about them.

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I have a story published in an anthology called Nefarious North titled “The Important Thing”. I wrote that story after spending three 14-hour days guarding a body that had been lit on fire. One of the primary tasks in those long days was to keep the rats and critters from eating the body before the scene could be processed. I wrote the story after I spent endless hours wondering what happened to that individual, and what would come next.



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One of my favourite stories, that was probably the most fun to write is published in the first issue of Pulp Literature magazine. “Of Siege and Sword” is about two palace guardsmen who are the only ones able to foil a siege of their castle (only because they were drunk and passed out when everyone was captured). I had a great time writing it, and spend more time than is healthy laughing at my own jokes.



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Probably my best story, “The Coffin Was Cold”, was published in Sleuth magazine. It’s about four childhood companions who come together for the funeral of a friend, and then set out to learn how and why he died. I took several experiences from my own up-bringing and inserted them into the story. It turned out really well, and I’m quite proud of it.